List Of Games


During each session, we run a variety of different missions to suit beginners through to experienced players.

A few samples of missions are:

Gem hunt

Click And Collect

Capture The Base


Real-life Fortnite

Blue vs Red


Base Assault


Capture the Flag – one or two teams having a flag  

VIP Escort

Recon Alpha V1.0

Secure the objective

Bunny Rabbit

Stealth ( Information Below)

(We only play Stealth if it rains on the day, as we are very lucky that we can continue the event with the school having tons of undercover areas in case of wet weather on the day!)


Want to know more? You’ll have to come and play as we have new games weekly!

Every week is different as we constantly change our list of games but are happy for requests and always recommend our unique games that are exclusive to The Offical – Laser Skirmish Gold Coast, to save confusion on the day of your event, we do have a competitor who recently has changed their name to something very similar we see this as a compliment but are only located at Surfers Paradise State School, make sure you speak to Matt when booking with Laser Skirmish Gold Coast.



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